moviecamera-l Watching a film

Stories are the stuff of life. They allow us to reflect on all sorts of issues at a safe distance as we engage with the characters, cry with them, laugh with them, get cross with them and generally share their experience. How they deal with the issues they come across may frustrate us, or give us new insights; cause us to laugh or cry; result in us hurling abuse at the screen or willing there to be a happy ending. And through it all we can encounter God in all sorts of unexpected places if we only take time to look.

So here are some questions you can apply to any film. Sometimes, you may feel that there is nothing much to say - but that itself can be its own message. Other films can be truly life changing! But whatever film you are watching, enjoy the experience!

Questions to ask yourself

  • What did you think of the film? What did you like most? Least?
  • Which incidents made you think or feel most strongly? How well did you think the film treated those incidents?
  • What issues did the film raise for you?
  • What character(s) do you most identify with and why?
  • Does the film have any echoes of Christian beliefs or stories from the Bible? Does it support or challenge Christian values?
  • How does the Bible tackle the issues the film raises?
  • Has the director taken a distinctive approach to filming or telling the story? If so, how does the film benefit from being made in this way?
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