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Films are a great place to encounter God. Because good films, like all good stories, explore the important issues of life - love, loyalty, duty, reconciliation, relationships, forgiveness, revenge, manipulation etc. etc. - they can be an ideal way for us, too, to explore those themes for ourselves. We may like the characters we see and the way they cope with a given situation. We may not. The important thing is to take the time to reflect and to think about why the characters behave as they do, and why we react in the way we do. And, because the stories are about life and God is intimately involved in life, as we reflect on the films we will inevitably meet God in some way or another. Sometimes that can be quite obvious, as in a tale where good overcomes adversity or where we encounter a particularly God-like character. Sometimes we may only catch a glimpse.

Spirituality on Screen is the Oxford Methodists’ film group. We meet on the first Sunday of the month to watch a film, share food, and then discuss people's thoughts and reactions. Over the last eight years, we have watched films as diverse as "WALL-E", "Jesus of Montreal", "Tsotsi", "Rendition", "Love Actually", “Pulp Fiction”, "The Gospel according to Saint Matthew" and "The Simpsons Movie".

Everyone is welcome to come and join in the experience. More information on the films we have watched, including short study guides, can be found here and our future programme here. Further information can be obtained by contacting Ann.


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